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Juicing For Kids

Fresh juices are a rich source of nutrients required for the growth and development of the body. Most kids love a juicing diet, especially when it is prepared using their favourite fruits and vegetables. A juicer enables one to prepare nutritious juices from virtually all fruits and vegetables with ease. One of the best ways of providing kids with various nutrients required by their bodies is to include a suitable juicing recipe in their daily diet. Fresh juice offers more nutrients as compared to the nutritional value of cooked ingredients.

It is important to consult a practitioner when planning a juicing diet for your kid. In addition, juices for young children should be diluted with water to suitable concentrations. With the help of a suitable juicer, it is easy to extract strong juice from watercress, spinach, beets, and kale. It is advisable to give kids such strong juices in smaller doses. Unlike young children, teenagers can drink undiluted juice. However, it is advisable to develop a good juicing program to ensure that your kids are getting maximum benefits from a juicing diet.

Kids are more susceptible to colds and flu than adults. A juicing recipe offers nourishment when kids are recovering from colds and also from other common infections. Fresh juice extracted from grapes is particularly suitable for kids when they are recovering from colds. Other ingredients that make a healthy juicing recipe for kids recovering from such infections include apples and red raspberry. These ingredients offer vitamins and minerals necessary for hastening the recovery process. In addition, a juicing diet boosts the body immunity of a kid, making it possible for the immune system to resist infections.

A good juicing program for kids should start with less serving at the beginning. As the kid gets used to the juices, the serving can be increased depending on various factors and as recommended by the practitioner. In addition, it is advisable to introduce a kid to a juicing diet by offering them single juices and mixing them as they get accustomed. A juicing recipe consisting of a variety of juices is more nutritious compared to a single juice. Adding avocado or banana to a kid’s juicing recipe makes the juice more satisfying. In addition, the list of ingredients that can be added to these juices is virtually limitless. A suitable juicer is capable of extracting juice from a wide range of ingredients.

Some of the ingredients that are known to produce healthy and nutritious juices include apples, pineapples, carrots, oranges, grapes, and strawberry. It is necessary to consult a dietician in order to know the suitable ratios that will yield the best juicing recipe. The benefits of giving juices to your kids are almost limitless. Apart from providing them with the various nutrients required by their developing bodies, a juicing diet enhances the body immunity of a kid. Strengthening the natural mechanism of fighting diseases enables kids to become more resistant to common infections. Furthermore, juicing has a cleansing effect that enables the body to get rid of toxic materials.