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Managing Influenza through Juicing

There are several infections that have side effects similar to those of influenza. This has misled several people to believe that these infections are the same. In fact, many people even refer to cold as flu because of their similar symptoms. However, the symptoms of influenza, famously referred to as ‘flu’, are more severe and last way longer if not attended to immediately. Some of influenza symptoms include headache, fatigue, cough, fever, poor appetite and several other symptoms.

Influenza, or better still “the flu”, is a viral infection that affects human respiratory tract. It is caused by RNA viruses belonging to the Orthomyxoviridae family and has been associated with birds and mammals over the years.

Many people administer the same medication for influenza and other infections of similar symptoms, not knowing that the infections are actually different. However, it is important to first establish whatever one is suffering from by going for professional medical examination before resorting to any sort of medication. The examination could involve only establishing the symptoms and considering whether there is an outbreak or not. Nevertheless, there are situations where a blood test or a test on a fluid drawn from the nose could be undertaken to get an unequivocal diagnosis.

If flu is detected, immediate attention should be accorded and the right medication prescribed to contain it. The patient needs to get ample rest and consume a lot of fluids. The fluids should also include fresh fruits juices that are made from a special juicing recipe.

To be able to enjoy a juicing diet alongside the prescribed medication, the patient will need a vegetable slicer and a juicer machine. Acquiring an electric mandoline slicer and a super angel juicer would be quite a fitting measure.

Some of the vegetables and fruits that should be included in the juicing diet are spinach, broccoli, watercress, lemon, carrots, pineapple, strawberries and parsley. The juice will help to pump in loads of nutrients into the body and bring forth their healing effect as well. What’s more, the body will be getting a lot of fluids.

There are several other measures that should be taken in the management of influenza. It is advised that the person suffering from the infection use an extra pillow to add a little comfort to enable the person to catch ample sleep and to improve the breathing. If the juice provided does not contain lemon, a tablespoonful of honey can be added to the juice.

The electric mandoline slicer and the super angel juicer in this case helps in ensuring that the juice is fresh and made from the right fruits and vegetables. This is to avoid the consumption of some juices that may have been synthetically processed and that would end up introducing chemical substances into the body. Moreover, the juicing recipe can be strictly followed by simply purchasing the recommended fruits and vegetables and using the electric mandoline slicer and the juicer machine to create a smoothie that will impact positively on the patient’s health.

Once the patient is recovered, a bit of exercise should be roped in to reinvigorate the general function of the body.